Ice cream machine cleaning matters needing attention

- Jun 08, 2017-

Some ice cream machine with pre cooling function, this function is to keep the storage cylinder temperature of about 5-10 degrees, play a role in keeping fresh. In practice, some businesses claim that their ice cream machine doesn't need to be cleaned, which is actually misleading. We know that ice cream ingredients are mainly dairy products and dairy products are very susceptible to bacterial destruction and rapid corruption, especially in the hot summer, if you do not clean the machine at night, second days of ice cream will certainly exceed the standard of bacteria. Once consumers have problems, it is not worth the candle. To remind the majority of businesses pay attention to health problems in daily operation process, we must ensure that health and safety, and the other one night without cleaning the ice cream machine is back to liquid slurry layer, the next day in the production of produced ice cream taste is poor, because the water natural precipitation ice cream material, some components of certain raw materials the metal ions and reflect the resulting black liquid.