Ice cream machine installation and operating environment sharing

- May 31, 2018-

Installation Environment

The distance between the perimeter of the machine and walls or other objects should be kept at a distance of 500 mm or more. The ventilation holes of the machine should be kept clear and there should be no inhalable objects nearby. When the indoor space is small, install an exhaust fan with a flow rate of not less than 1000M3/h.

To ensure safety, the ice cream machine must be reliably grounded before it is powered on. Before connecting the power supply, make sure that the grounding contacts of the power outlet are reliably grounded separately.


Operating environment

1. Use at normal temperature, ambient temperature should be between 10-38 degrees Celsius, in particular to avoid excessive temperature.

2. Avoid use under sunlight or rain. Do not allow water or slurries to penetrate inside the machine.

3. Avoid working in areas with severe dust or corrosive gases.

4. There should be no rodents and pests at the place where the machine is placed, and regular control work should be carried out.

5. Avoid use in places with limited space and always keep the machine well-ventilated.