Ice cream machine transport

- Jun 08, 2017-

The general situation of the ice cream machine packaging is divided into two kinds, one is the pure wood wooden packaging, a carton packaging, whether it is the use of what kind of packaging, is to transport and convenient use of the machine, the soft ice cream machine 150 kg in weight -250 kilograms, so one or two people are ordinary customers cannot be transported, regular cargo station will have a forklift for loading and unloading goods, but some small stations do not have the equipment, can only rely on manual handling, so there is the potential damage to the machine in the process of transportation, is the most common appearance of the ice cream machine by collision or have some scratches, remind the purchase of machinery of customers and friends, these collisions and scratches can hardly be avoided, generally do not affect the use of the equipment itself, but serious scratches will have a certain impact on the ice cream machine itself is beautiful, This situation is generally relatively rare, just to remind you. In this case, you can consult with the shipping company or settle the claim.

Matters needing attention in the process of handling the ice cream machine is not tilted more than 30 degrees can be tilted, after handling after a period of time to try to put in use, mainly worried about the return of refrigerant, the refrigerant compressor once back to the inside, then at boot time may make the compressor ice cream machine damage, it is not a quality problem. ~ so please pay attention to the ice cream machine must not be laid flat or handling.