Introduction of fruit juice machine

- Jun 08, 2017-

Juice machine: according to the type is divided into: single cylinder juice machine, double cylinder juice machine, three cylinder juice machine, four cylinder juice machine, round cylinder juice machine and multi-function juice machine.

Juice machine: according to function, it can be divided into mixing juice machine, spraying juice machine and juice squeezing machine.

Juice machine: according to the way of making it is divided into: storage type juice machine, current regulating juice machine. The traditional commercial juice machine is the brewed beverage stored in the cylinder; and now, commercial mixing machine is becoming more and more fast, after the computer version control of raw materials and the proportion of water allocation, it is freshly mixed drink, a carbonated Cola machine is mixing machine.

1, before using the cutting knife and centrifugal filter tight, and then install the centrifugal filter and cutter on the upper box on the base, and then switch on the power supply;

2, until the motor is normal, and then put food;

3, the amount of food should not be too large, too thick, excellent, so as not to damage the cutting knife and cause overloading of the motor;

4, centrifugal filter should not store too much food, broken, should be cleaned in time, otherwise easy to cause vibration; often keep juice inside and outside the body clean. After each use, wash carefully. But the cleaning can not be used to wash the tap, the bottom of the juicer, not to put the body in the water, so as to avoid the insulation part of the electrical parts were destroyed.