There are four types of electric juicers

- Jun 15, 2018-

The first type is a electric juicers, also known as a blade juicer. Its working principle is that the motor drives the knife net to rotate at a high speed and pushes the fruits and vegetables from the charging port to the knife net. The spike of the knife net cuts the fruit and vegetable, and the fruit slag flies out under the centrifugal force generated by the high speed operation of the knife net. The knife net enters the slag box, and juice passes through the knife net into the juice cup. The blade is divided into a blade and a cross blade.

This kind of juicer uses a blade, and the noise will be relatively loud. Neighbors may knock on your door when juicing. In addition, the blade will destroy the cell structure when cutting raw materials, because high-speed friction may also cause heat to cause oxidation problems, thereby affecting the taste and nutrition. (There is a similar type of so-called broken-wall juicer that adopts a similar principle, but claims that it can control the rotation speed. The formation of vortex pressure does not destroy nutrition, which can only be seen by the benevolent wise men.)

Its advantages are also obvious, cheap, fast juice, is the first choice for shopping malls, restaurants and the like, but also home entry-level juicer.

The second type is the juice machine, also known as screw squeeze juicer. The biggest difference is that it does not require a blade, but low-speed screw extrusion technology, the lower the speed the better, generally about 75 rpm, squeeze the juice slowly squeezed out like a towel, does not destroy the fruit cell structure, Fruit nutrition can be preserved, low-rate juice production will not produce high heat, but also avoid the problem of juice oxidation, taste, to preserve the taste. Because it is squeezed without using a blade, there is almost no noise, and you can drink in the middle of the night.

Its shortcomings are also obvious: one is expensive, and the other is that the juice will be slower. For home purchases, juicers are the only choice for juicer pleasure.

The third category is a stirred juicer. It is the first type of juice machine combined with the function of the mixer. The mixer is mainly stirred, crushed, and cuts food. It can be grain such as soybeans, rice, or even pork. This type of juicer combines two functions.

The fourth category is dedicated juicers. For example, an orange juice machine specifically for orange juice, the main feature is to adjust the content of pulp in orange juice.