Why not just eat fruit directly, but choose a high-end juicer like a juice machine?

- Jul 19, 2018-

First, taste

Some people like to eat fruit directly, and some people like to drink cold juice in the summer.

It is also a pleasure to place the fruit diced in the plate.

But eating fruit can only enjoy the taste of a fruit at a time, but the juice is not the same. In addition to the different flavors of different fruits, you can enjoy it all at once! Different fruits blend together to give a fresh and special taste that can't be felt by eating fruits!

Second, health problems

Tooth influence

Many fruits still have a certain hardness, and the use of more teeth will cause loss.

2. Physical effects In the BBS documentary, a famous nutrition professor was invited to study how ordinary people lose weight. From the effects of intake, consumption and absorption, the researchers studied how to increase fat and consume fat. When it comes to eating, I did an experiment: adults in two groups eat foods of different shapes but of the same weight, one group is a normal diet, and the other group uses a broken machine to break normal food and then Every hour after eating, the condition of the food in the stomach is detected. The result is confusing: the whole food is completely consumed in the adult stomach within one to two hours, and the broken food is three to four. It is only slowly consumed in the hour to disappear from the stomach! Only those who eat slowly and eat delicate food will really lose weight!

Not only that, if a large piece of fruit that has been eaten for a long time is swallowed without chewing, it will cause great harm to the stomach because it requires overload work. Therefore, a smooth and smooth juice is more suitable for the contemporary and healthier.

3. Nutritional problems The elderly and children should drink less juice to help digestion, moisten the intestines, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. If adults can't guarantee a reasonable diet, it is a good way to supplement some nutrients by drinking juice. Some people don't like to drink boiled water. The sweet smell of juice can increase their drinking water and ensure the body's need for water. It is still very beneficial. The juice retains a considerable portion of the nutrients in the fruit, such as vitamins, minerals, sugar and pectin in dietary fiber, and tastes better than ordinary boiled water. Juice does have a considerable advantage over water and carbonated drinks. But it must be sure to drink freshly squeezed juice, not a simple fragrance blended with saccharin.

Third, the price range of the price juicer is very large, you can buy it according to your own needs. If it is a very expensive juice machine, the average person does not need to buy it, because the pure juice from the juice machine needs a lot of fruit, and the sugar is very high. And some dietary fiber in the fruit will be wasted, so it is not recommended to buy for health reasons. In fact, the price of a general portable juicer is very easy to accept, and it is very practical to be accepted by the average person. ~ You can choose the juicer that suits your needs. ~ Cheap and easy to use.

to sum up

Comprehensive consideration of various indicators, like to eat fruit can be eaten directly ~

For personal health or want to try a variety of classes, try mixed juice ~

Anyway, it varies from person to person. You can choose your favorite and healthy way.