Working principle of high speed centrifugal fruit juice machine

- Jun 08, 2017-

This is the fruit juice machine on the market the most common type, its working principle is to use the knife net thousands of revolutions per minute of the high-speed rotation of the fruit pieces, a strong centrifugal force to jet into the juice juice cup, while the fruit residue is thrown into the slag collecting barrel. Different brands of high-speed centrifugal fruit juice machine also has the material, power, size of the feed port difference, the selection should pay attention to choose the power of large feed inlet.

Advantages: don't cut fruit juice is very small, fast, just a few seconds to squeeze an apple or carrot juice, clear.

Disadvantages: the noise is large; the juice yield is normal; the fruit residue is wet and some waste; almost no juice can be squeezed out of leafy vegetables or especially soft fruits.