Note Of Slush Machine

- Jun 08, 2017-

1.Please place it on the strong counter horizontally. If the counter is tilted or uneven, the machine will malfunction. Please pay special attention to it.

2.please be sure to install the earth wire and leakage protection switch.

3.please do not use hand or fine root stick into the machine. Because, when the motor is rotating, danger can occur.

4.before use or use, please check the wire (1.5mm square wire is appropriate). Danger of electric shock or fire if it is still in use when the wire plug is out of contact or the wire is damaged.

5.juice bucket, please clean every day to keep clean.

6.after shutdown, such as re start, must be more than 5 minutes intervals, unstable voltage, equipped with more than 2000W voltage regulator.

7.Please install a well ventilated place, around the machine must have more than 15cm space for ventilation.

8.please use mechanical special plug, do not use a socket with other electrical appliances.

9.please install at ambient temperature below 35 degrees, refrigeration, beverage temperature shall not exceed 40 degrees.

10.strictly prohibit in the heating or refrigeration work state, into the refrigeration or heating work state, otherwise damage compressor.