Cleaning Of Storage Tank For Ice Cream Machine

- Jun 09, 2017-

The ice cream machine is switched on, will be filled with sterilizing liquid and washing liquid water into the food into the ice cream machine, with a rag to wipe clean around the storage tank, press the ice cream machine before operation with cleaning button on the panel ". The machine agitation system starts, about 1 minutes or so, will disinfect the liquid or the wash liquid to come out in the machine, repeatedly pour into the clean water clean, until the water that come out does not have any peculiar smell, stop (press the stop key). Wipe the ice cream machine around the storage tank with a dry cloth

At this point, the ice cream machine disinfection and cleaning work is completed, then you can make ice cream.

The first part of the cleaning will take place in about 3 days. The second part needs to be done every day