Ice Cream Machine Classification

- Jun 09, 2017-

Ice cream machines are usually divided into single heads, three heads, seven heads or more heads of ice cream machines according to the quantity of the outlets

Single head ice cream machine

There is only one storage cylinder, a refrigeration cylinder and a discharge port. At the same time, there is only one color, that is, one flavor of ice cream. This ice cream machine is called the ice cream machine. Generally applicable to small bar, coffee shop. The restaurant, KTV, not many occasions such as Internet cafes for ice cream production and tastes. The price is relatively cheap, the ice cream machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight of about 80KG, power is generally between 750W-1800W.

Three head ice cream machine

There are two storage cylinder two refrigeration cylinder and three outlet, and three colors or three flavors of ice cream, including two kinds of pure taste and a mixed taste. This kind of ice cream machine market, common. In the general weight 150KG power between 1700W-4000W range. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shop, restaurant, bar, cafe, cinema and so on Yield and flavor of ice cream requires more occasions

Five head ice cream machine

There are three storage tanks, three cold water tanks and five ice cream heads. You can have five colors and five flavors of ice cream. There are three kinds of pure taste and two mixed flavors. The ice cream market is priced at around eight thousand.