Slush Machine Product Features

- Jun 08, 2017-

1.Chic: Italy exterior design, stainless steel, shutter ventilation panels, colorful lighting, refreshing, through the European CE certification.

2.refrigeration rapid: Italy imported compressor, evaporator internal and external wall double conduction, high cooling efficiency, quick melt.

3.the use of a machine can produce snow cold products, but also the production of cold drink juice.

4.varieties: in the production of magnetic drive snow machine at the same time, keep the supply process improvement, quality and reliable mechanical transmission of snow machine.

5.independent choice: according to customer requirements, the use of 220V/60HZ, 110V/60HZ power supply, working fluid can be customized.

6.three patents of snow machine won the national patent three: ZL00 3 39923.O ZL00 2 55830.O ZL01 3 28595.X