Ice Cream Machine Sizing

- Jun 08, 2017-

Select the required powder, according to the proportion of powder and water mixed evenly, completely dissolved. The slurry must not be agglomerated, and the proportions of different powders and water are different. The ratio of powder to water is 1 to 3. The conventional (soft and hard) ice cream machine is basically the same size. will be sterilized processed ice cream into the storage tank raw materials. If you want different flavors of ice cream, you can pour different ice cream into different cylinders. For example, you can add to a cylinder into the ice cream material red, and to another cylinder filled with ice cream yellow material, so you can also get red / yellow and red and yellow colors mixed three styles of ice cream. "automatic" button in the "automatic" lights, digital display the current real stirring motor working current, with the ice cream slurry temperature decreased, hardness increased, stirring motor working current is also gradually increased, rising when reaching the set value, the ice cream is ready, the machine will automatically stop.

3.take the ice cream, ice cream with three discharging them in the lower part of the discharge box, the discharging port of the cooling cylinder left out of ice cream, the right side of the outlet cylinder release right refrigeration ice cream, intermediate material outlet released about a refrigeration cylinder mixture of ice cream. The way to take ice cream is as follows:

A) take a cup and place it in the style of the ice cream machine you want.

B) press the push handle and let out the ice cream.

C) when you put the amount of ice cream you want, return the push handle and put it in place.