Ice Cream Mechanism Cold System Test

- Jun 08, 2017-

After the power supply connection is completed, the ice cream machine can be debugged later. Please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine before debugging. Please refer to other related articles for disinfection and clarity.

After cleaning the ice cream machine, connect the power switch on the ice cream machine, digital display 00 words, press the start button (no discharge condition), the ice cream machine LED digital display plate numbers will change, about 5 seconds will hear the compressor startup sound, then the digital tube digital observation whether it will change to the (if the temperature control type digital tube display temperature will continue downward, continuous change) change that uozhe cooling system is in normal operation, it is time to stop immediately, because long time no empty material will cause the freezing cylinder machine operation. If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem with the cooling system or a problem with the control panel circuit. For there is no digital tube ice cream machine or digital tube control circuit damaged the most effective inspection method of refrigeration system is functioning properly is the distribution body of ice cream machine (with material in front of the raft) inserted, the stirring shaft will start to run out, directly by hand touch feeling temperature refrigeration cylinder without changes can be judged.

If the ice cream can be normal mechanism of cold, ice cream paste will be tuned into the first test machine, the hardness of ice cream now need to adjust on the hardness of regulation will be explained in the relevant article. Adjust the hardness to normal requirements, and then you can do normal business and sales.